meet Maia

hey, I'm Maia. 
This entrepreneurial endeavour has taken 5 years to become a reality. During each of my pregnancies, I was surprised at the lack of maternity wear options. I wanted pieces that could accommodate every month of pregnancy AND the difficult post-partum stage and I wanted pieces that reflected my pre-pregnancy style, which is based around high quality, timeless basics. After lots of complaining, compromising my style and several expensive cross-border purchases, I finally decided to do something about it.

Core Maternity is an online maternity wear shop, providing the core pieces of a maternity wardrobe. Its purpose is to provide high-quality maternity pieces, each of which are selected for their versatility and ability to be worn throughout pregnancy and beyond. Special attention is paid to details that will allow a piece to be worn post-partum and colours and textures are chosen for their enduring, yet current and modern feel. I am steadfast in Core Maternity’s purpose. I believe in each piece. I would wear each piece. ⁣
I believe in enduring style, wherein a woman shouldn't have to comprise her personal style while pregnant.
I believe that maternity clothing should be versatile and hardworking.
I believe that maternity clothing should reflect confidence and beauty.
I believe in providing the foundation of one's style, upon which an individual can accessorize, personalize and elevate. 
Core Maternity provides women with a curated, core collection of maternity essentials.